Memo about my travel. on 9/April/2011

Need to consult with Japanese Travel Agency in several days.
about trouble in my ex-trip in Nepal, and negotiate about next trip.

I have to ask international investigation about “lost baggage”.
Will consult with a lawyer,my friend
After that, If  I could get some information,I report consequence of investigation
and what has happened about my bag here on this blog.
That will be useful information for person who plans oversea travel.

Now I’m making a plan of next travel.
Need to get more information about foreign countries.
Which country should be my next destination?
I have to consider various elements of each country,

But I don’t know when I’ll be able to leave Japan.
Still I have to stay here.

my trekking boots.They did good work in HIMALAYA Trek. Nikon D40 + AF Nikkor 28mm/F2.8

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