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Recent Photos.
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this is my recent work & travelling life.

-Northern Colors- 北海道の動物たち
 - Japanese northern wildlife -
my photography's primary subject, nature landscapes & wildlife in Hokkaido, northern Japan.
Most of photos in this gallery were taken in 2012-2015.
including published on Nikon's website and nature magazine SINRA.

HUNZA, the graceful valley.
 - travel -
Travel photos, including the work for the Japanese cinema,

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into the forest
- Japanese northern wildlife -
My primal photography subject is wildlife in the forest.
In the forest, not to easy to photographing, but they show most real figure in the nature.
This gallery's pics were taken in summer & autumn. in Hokkaido, northernmost area of Japanese nature.

the WHITE WORLD - Japanese northern wildlife -

For half a year, the northern nature is covered with white snow.
In the severe white world, tiny creatures show us their beauty and strength.
This gallery’s pics were taken in winter & early spring.
in Hokkaido, northernmost area of Japanese nature.

Sky & Ocean - Japanese northern wildlife -

The color is blue. Huge sky and vast ocean of Hokkaido.
So many creatures live in the blue field. including human beings.
I tried to catch their beautiful & powerful scenes.


2014 July, travelled in Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park.
with kayaker Ichiroh Umitani. Supported by TULALA and mont-bell.


biggest event of 2011's travel was Everest Trail Trekking.
I suffered HAS, but I could enjoy amazing high altitude world & silent alone time.

NEPAL 2011

Traveled in Nepal with camera on 2011.
this album shows scenery of my Nepal travel except for Himalaya trek.
Visited Kathmandu, several villages and Chitwan national park.

INDIA 2011

On March 2011, I visited sacred city VARANASI. It was first time to visit India.
Varanasi was the last city of my travel 2011.
I stopped my travel because of huge earthquake which attacked Japan.

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