My Camera F3 at Hunza Pakistan.

Photographing is one of the most important hobby for me.
During the travel and walk into the nature, I'm always with camera.

I would share here my favorite photos.
Please check and see the my experiences.


■ Photo-Blog

Vai Com Deus.

New pictures would be shared in this blog first. Please check it.

■ Galleries

into the forest - Japanese northern wildlife -

My primal photography subject is wildlife in the forest.
In the forest, not to easy to photographing, but they show most real figure in the nature.
This gallery's pics were taken in summer & autumn.
in Hokkaido, northernmost area of Japanese nature.


biggest event of 2011's travel was Everest Trail Trekking.
I suffered HAS, but I could enjoy amazing high altitude world & silent alone time.

NEPAL 2011

this album shows scenery of my Nepal travel except for Himalaya trek.
Visited Kathmandu, several villages and Chitwan national park.

INDIA 2011

On March 2011, I visited sacred city VARANASI. It was first time to visit India.
Varanasi was the last city of my travel 2011.
I stopped my travel because of huge earthquake which attacked Japan.

■ 映画草原の椅子・祝福の谷写真集 -Direct link to Photo Gallery of "Sougen No Isu"-
(PC only)
My photographs of HUNZA(and NAGAR) had been released on official website.
you can see more than 40 pics on this gallery.
(design and layout was for the movie. not for photobook.)
All of pics were taken by me except for one.
Photo of desert was by Amin Ullah Baig.
※  映画『草原の椅子』公式サイト -Sougen-no-Isu official website- (Japanese only)

Digital : Nikon D800E, D700, D300, D70s, D40
Analog : Nikon FE, F3